Processing Plant

Crane Cove Seafoods Limited Partnership, current employs 43 seasonal Mi’kmaq processors from the Eskasoni First Nation at our state of the art processing plant. The belief in hard work, honesty and commitment to the customer is just as strong as the pride and support of the community.
Our mission is to ensure the sustainability of the Safe Quality Foods Program and to maintain effective and efficient operations, that is not only profitable, but that also creates and sustain meaningful employment for community members of Eskasoni First Nation.
Crane Cove Seafoods Limited Partnership has obtained the prestigious certification of SQF, Safe Quality Foods which recognizes the quality of the products transformed in our plant.
At Crane Cove Seafoods Limited Partnership, we take food safety seriously. With our in house SQF Practitioner and our HACCP approved state-of-the-art processing plant, we follow extremely stringent quality control procedures. This ensures our product is the best the ocean has to offer, and exceeds our customer’s expectations.
Our Corporate Values:
Unity: We are united in our success
Innovation: Innovation drives the value we create
Excellence: Excellence is what differentiates us
We have a strong belief in our corporate value that we are what we repeatedly do… Excellence… Then, it is not an act but a habit.