Processing Plant

Unama’ki Oyster & Processing Plant is a crab processing plant located on Crane Cove in Eskasoni.

The Plant is a seasonal packing facility which employs 22-26 people. The frozen crab is brought in tractor trailers and is stored in the plant’s freezer until it is ready to be re-packaged.

Our tractor trailer is loaded and is sent to Jacksonville Florida where it is sold to Beaver Street Fisheries which in turn distributes the boxes of crab to Costco and Walmart.

Our facility is monitored but the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for cleanliness and adherence to their rules and regulations. A QMP Plan, Quality Management Program, was developed and adhered to by a management committee made up of workers from the Plant.

A tracking system of all crab is established so that if there are any problems the crab can be tracked to its origin.

We here at the plant pride ourselves in quality control and putting out a high quality product suitable for the Canadian and US Markets.